About Us

We are a production company for nature films from Thuringia, Germany. We mainly produce nature films and projects for clients related to nature, adventure, and science topics.

Nature Film Production from Thuringia

nature film production

„Understanding – Experiencing – Acting“, this motto from the Thuringian Sustainability Strategy could also apply to our films. We like to complement this with our own slogan: „You don’t allways have to travel to distant lands.” Accordingly, our films are organised like expeditions: not to faraway countries, but right outside the front door. Thereby we work with scientific diligence to translate our findings into motion picture.

Our Mission

Inspiring. We want to share our enthusiasm for nature and its special features. Our goal is to show nature as it is. Therefore, we do without footage from game enclosures. Our films aim to contribute to environmental education and thus contribute to achieving the objectives of the UN-Agenda 2030, the EU-Biodiversity Strategy and the German as well as the Thuringian Sustainability Strategy.

Protecting. Our monitoring helps to gather information about game activities. In the past we were able to get genetic records of the European wildcat. While shooting we hold all species in respect and try to disturb as little as possible. The locations of strictly protected species are not given in our films, in order to preserve these animals and their habitats.

Creating awareness. We not only want to inspire, but to create awareness about nature and species conservation. Nature and its ecological systems are increasingly impacted in a negative way by human activities. Through our enthusiasm for nature, but also the communication of theoretical knowledge we want to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable attitude towards nature and to support critical thinking.

Cinematic. At the same time, we have high aesthetic and cinematic aspirations with our work. Currently, only very few nature films are produced in Thuringia. We want to change this with cinematic footage and intense music to make a statement for nature film made in Thuringia.

Visual Concept

The visual concept of our films essentially continues the award-winning style of our filmmaker David Cebulla. High quality film music and sound design support this. Key elements of David’s style are complex time lapses, dynamic gimbal- and slider footage. Professional drone footage sets the scenery and locates the story in a landscape. Details and macro footage of plants, people and animals complement wide angle shots of landscapes. Close-Ups and details show bokeh.

The format contrasts with classical TV nature documentaries and is closer to modern web videos and newer forms of the genre like films of Andreas Kieling or Benjamin Jaworskyj. For one thing, the filmmaker is also the protagonist in our films. The commentary is spoken into the camera in vlog style. Vloggers who inspire us are Jon Olsson, Peter McKinnon or Matti Haapoja.

For better understanding we use animations. The style of the filmmaker Andreas Hem inspires us. The colour grading of David’s films has been awarded, praised and is an important element of our projects. It shows a warm feeling of summer.

David Cebulla

Art-director and producer of our films is David Cebulla (*1991). He is the filmmaker, owner and advancing to Thuringia’s most successful newcomer in nature filmmaking. David studied Biology and Ecology, received various awards for his work and specialises on nature, adventure and science topics.

At the end of 2019 he received the Walter-Dexel-Scholarship from the City of Jena and municipal energy suppliers Stadtwerke Jena-Pößneck. Furthermore, he was granted the Medal „People 2017“ for special cultural services in the Free State of Thuringia. His films have been screened on festivals in Spain, Portugal, the USA and India and received multiple awards from national and international festivals.

His most recent project “The Return of the Wildcat” was funded by the Thuringian State Chancellery and the Thuringian Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation and was published in April 2020. Another documentary about the nature and history of the castle group Gleichen is soon to be finished. Because of the great demand David released his award winning film „Hidden Beauty – The Orchids of the Saale Valley“ on DVD. His long-term goal is to build up a successful Thuringian company which specialises in the production of nature films.

In the past David Cebulla has worked as associate producer and production manager as well as assistant director for fictional films and a TV series. As filmmaker he also produces works for clients. He has worked for the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and for the well-known animal and nature filmmaker Andreas Kieling. As an expert David has been a member of various juries of film festivals and is giving speeches about his own work and research. Read more about David’s projects here.

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Filmproduction for Clients

nature film production and science communication

Though our focus lies on the production and distribution of own projects we also love to realise projects for clients. Our goal is to support you in all steps of your media production, whether it may be for your company, institute, or organisation. We offer help wherever you need it. May it be with the production of high-quality videos and photos or with specific consulting or the development of (social) media concepts.

You are interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Science Communication

Our focus lies on projects related to nature, adventure, and science topics. We have the expertise and special knowledge about the sector. We translate complex scientific content into understandable language and pictures. You need a short video about your conference? Or you would like to show more of you research findings to the public? You can concentrate on your studies and we will develop and implement a communication strategy for your contents.

Production of Video and Photo Content

From our work for professional film productions and our own award-winning films we know what your audience craves. We will produce specific content for your target group. Your new video will be more than just a imagefilm.

We will find the suitable pictures for your brand, company, or organisation. We can conduct the whole production process for your web video (series): from planning and consulting, the professional shooting and editing, to the implementation into your social media strategy.

Web Video- and Campaign Consulting

You would like to produce web content by yourself? No problem! We can offer support and consulting to find a strategy that appeals to your audience and to reach your goals.

From various projects, continuing education, and observation of the sector, we know recent trends and the platforms to reach your target groups. We will work in close consultation with you to create a comprehensive communication strategy. Our goal is to offer you the knowledge to continue your own path.

We offer trend scouting where we will observe recent trends. You will receive the most important and condensed information about current developments in the web and about your target group. In close collaboration with you we create a recommended course of action for your web video and communication strategy.

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